With E-District Delhi, apply for marriage registration in Delhi with ease.

How easy is it to register a marriage in Delhi?

Every Wedding should be registered (Delhi Compulsory Marriage Registration Order 2014),With E-District Delhi, apply for marriage registration in Delhi with ease.

  if you marry according to Hindu rituals or other faith.

You can apply for marriage registration online.

SDM is in charge of marriage registration. 

You can apply online. If you are experiencing difficulty applying online, you can use the service by phone from home.

Who can apply for marriage registration?

1. The applicant is eligible for Marriage Registration under the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 ,

if and only if the following conditions are met:-To begin, the groom must be 21 years old, and the bride must be 18 years old. (As on the Wedding Date), one of the parties must be a resident of India.

Both parties were married in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Marriage has been performed between these two Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, or Sikhs. At the time of registration, neither party had more than one spouse living. However, the individual must be of sound mind and capable of providing legal permission.

The party has had recurrent periods of insanity or epilepsy.


the parties are not in a banned relationship unless the custom or usage controlling each of them permits marriage between the two. Moreover, the parties shall not have degrees of forbidden relationship unless each is governed by custom or usage.

2. The applicant is eligible for marriage registration under the Compulsory Registration Marriage Order, 2014,

 if they meet the following criteria: To begin, the groom must be 21 years old, and the bride must be 18 years old. (As on the Wedding Date), one of the parties must be a resident of India.

Both parties marry in Delhi, the National Capital Territory. Registration under the Delhi Compulsory Registration of Marriage Order 2014 must always be completed within 60 days, omitting the day of the final ceremony of marriage.

A penalty will be applied if a marriage is not registered within the prescribed/extended term.

On the day of the appointment with the Wedding, both sides (The wedding couple) must be physically present, together with two witnesses who must be permanent residents of Delhi and attest to the solemnization of such marriage.

3. The applicant is eligible for Marriage Registration under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, 

if one of the spouses, either the Prince or the New wife, is an Indian citizen. Marriage has taken place within the geographical jurisdiction of the NCT of Delhi.

Marriage has a legally wed between any two people of different religious beliefs.

The groom must be 21 years old, while the bride must be 18. (As on the Wedding Date.)

Neither party has more than one spouse alive at the time of registration.

Neither party is incapable of providing legitimate consent due to the mental unsoundness; or, even if able to give a valid License, has been suffering from a mental disease of such a form or to such an extent that they are unsuitable.

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How to apply for marriage registration?

E-District Delhi online marriage registration

1. First, you should visit the website E district, click here

on the go-to site and click the home page, then show “Registration at e-District Delhi.”

-Click on “new user.”

2. Show “Citizen Registration Form” Select Document Type: Adhar- a card or voter id

3. To go to the login

4. Fill in your essential detail

4. You will receive the user id and password in the email id.

5. Go to the home page -click “fill in your user id and


6. Apply for marriage registration

7. You will fill in the essential detail required

8 . You will scan all IDs and address proof.

What is the need for a document of registration?

First is required Address proof and id proof, both are the party, e.g.:-

a. Identity Proof of Groom and Bride

Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Ration Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, Driving License, or Any Govt. recognized document

b. Address Proof of Groom and Bride:- 

Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Passport Ration Card, Rent Agreement (Registered ), Bank Passbook, Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Telephone Bill(Landline or Postpaid), Gas Bill, Any Govt. recognized document.

Photograph:-The 4 Passport Size (5cm x 4.5cm Or 2″ x1.75″) Colored photograph of the Groom and Bride. Groom and bride photo should have a full face, front, open eyes, and full head from hair to shoulder.

The photo background has a white or off-white background.

The photographer should not wear hats and sunglasses

Both parties should make the affidavit be on Rs 10 /- Non-Judicial E- stamp paper as per the prescribed format e.g:-


3. Need To  Two Witnesses :

There is a need for Two witnesses There should be an address and id proof. in which is one witness should have address proof of Delhi.

Two witnesses should appear before the marriage officer with the below document.

Requirement of witnesses document  for marriage registration certificate :

Identity Proof 
Aadhaar Card or PAN Card or Ration Card or  Voter ID Card or Passport or Driving License or Any Govt. recognized document
Address  Proof 

Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Passport  Ration Card, Rent Agreement         (Registered ), Bank Passbook  Electricity Bill, Water Bill  Telephone Bill(Landline or Postpaid), Gas Bill  Any Govt. recognized document

What are marriage registration fees in Delhi?

If you are married, you must apply within two months and pay a cost of 500/- if you do not register within two months. You will be penalized according to the regulations.

There are two options for payment, first You should be paid in cash at the counter, and you have different possibilities for payment: imps or online banking, UPI, and so on.

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