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The Complete Guide to Delhi Traffic Challan: What it is, Why It’s Important, How To Pay It  Delhi challan, Delhi traffic challan procedure, what is a challan, what is a traffic challan, how to pay a challan)What is a challan? A challan is an official order issued by the Delhi Traffic Police. It can be obtained by paying a certain amount and it consists of information such as the vehicle number, owner name and address, place of occurrence and details about the traffic violation committed (in)

               I am going to  discuss in this article  Delhi Traffic Challan, what is challan, and how one can easily pay the penalty further  I have come to a lot of questions about how can reduce the challan amount, and I will disclose secrets in this article

What is E-Challan?

E -Challan is the software of web and apps application which is helpful for Transport Enforcement Officers and Traffic Policemen.

the software is making work easy for police officials and also offenders can pay easily.

The accused can pay online, and the offender no need to go to court for this offense, E- challan system is very helpful for the citizen. Don’t have to go to court every day

A traffic challan in Delhi is a challan.
Traffic Police in Delhi issue traffic notifications to the person who has broken the traffic rule.
Police officer imposes fine as per Motor Vehicles Act 1988. It can be paid for in various ways.

1. Paytm

2.Phone Payment

3 official website

moreover, To pay motor notification, bring your Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) and Challan Number with you. Delhi Traffic Challan is a kind of penalty for breaking the traffic rules of Delhi. One has to bring their Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) and Challan No.

There will save time  and money, the speed detection camera has been installed  by govt for the monitor of   traffic rule .challan ought to be paid within a sixty-day in any other case challan sent to Jurisdiction  Court

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Traffic  Challan Penalty and Fine 2022

S.No Offence  Rule /Section  Fine and punishment 
1 Driving with Defective Number CMVR 50,51/177 Rs 0/- TO 500/-
2 Without PUC Certificate  115 CMVR/190(2) Rs 0/- To Rs 10,000/- or UP to 3 months imprisonment or Both and licence cancellation for 3 month 
3 Use of Tinted Glass 100(2) CMVR/177 Rs 0/- TO Rs 500/-
4 Improper Parking  122/177 Rs 0/- TO Rs 500/-
5 Triple Riding On Two Wheeler 128/194 c Rs 1000/- and Licence Cancelation for 3 Months
6 Driving Two Wheeler Without Helmet 129/194 D Rs 1000/- and Licence Cancelation for 3 Months
7 Non Production of Document  130/177 Rs 0/- TO Rs 500/-
8 Driving Without A Valid Licence  3/181 Rs 5000/- Or UP to 3 Months imprisonment  Or Both
9 Allowing Unauthorised persons to Drive Vehicle  5/180 Rs 5000/- Or UP to 3 Months imprisonment  Or Both
10 Violation of speed Limit 112/183 Light motor vehicle Rs 1000/- to 2000/- 

Medium or Heavy motor vehicle Rs 2000/- t0 4000/-

11 Driving in No Entry Zone  115/194 Rs 20,000/-
12 Driving without insurance of a vehicle  146/196 Rs 2000/- OR UP TO 3 Months Imprisonment ORBoth 
13 Violation of traffic 

Rule (Red Light Jump)

119/184 Rs 1000/- to Rs 5000/- OR 6 Months to One Year Imprisonment or Both 
14 Violation of yellow light  18(ii)RRR 119/177 Rs 0/- TO 500/-
15 Driving without a seat belt  194 B Rs 1000/-
16 Driving of vehicle without a permit  66/192-A Rs 10,000/- and Up to 6 months imprisonment 
17 Rash driving or use of mobile phone while driving  184 Rs 1000/- to Rs. 5000/- OR 6 Months to One Year imprisonment Or Both
18 Drunken driving  185 Rs 10,000/- or up to 6 months imprisonment or Both
19. Violation of judicial prohibition  132/179 Rs 0/- to 2000/-
20 Violation of stop line  113(1)DMVR/177 Rs 0/- to 500/-
21. BLOWING HORN IN NON -HONKING ZONE  DMVR96(1)/177 Rs 0/- to 500/-
22. Use of Vehicle Without Registration  39/192 Rs 2000/- to 5000/-
23 Over Loading  113/194 For First Ton of Over Load Rs 20,000/- there After for every ton Rs 2000/- 

5 Tips to Drive Safely and Avoid Getting a Traffic Ticket in Delhi

1. Do not use the horn unnecessarily.

2. Keep your headlights on at all times, even during the day.

3. Keep your vehicle in a well-lit area, preferably near a lamp post or building.

4. Reduce speed to 20kmph when approaching a traffic signal and maintain that speed until you are past it and well out of the intersection area

5. Remain alert and aware of your surroundings at all times

What are the documents required for the challenging the vehicle?

1. id proof i.e Driving license,adhar card, passport

2. challan ship

3. pollution certificate

4. vehicle fitness certificate

5. insurance



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